The Century Race

With our inaugural event in  a small band of riders proved that antique motorcycles could indeed be put to the ultimate test. A test that would pit rider and machine against the North American continent. Following in the tracks of our forefathers these brave riders followed a tradition that was over a century in the making. They made history!

Now after three successful events, the Cannonball has become an American institution. Bringing in riders, and collectors from all over the world. Restorations have taken on a new meaning as skilled engine builders have had to reevaluate what it takes to put a 100 year old motorcycle coast to coast. Aside from using their machines for the purposes they were originally intended for, riders are also learning the meaning of the word endurance. Mainly that it pertains to them as much as it does their motorcycle.  Nearly 300 miles per day is not easy. 

In 2016 we are planning something very special. A true century race. In order to qualify for this next event riders will be required to have a 100 year old motorcycle. Only 1916 and earlier machines will be allowed to run in the 2016 Cannonball. As in the years past, a very limited number of entrants will be allowed.  Only 100 riders will be chosen to participate in this historic endeavor. 

Although each particular stop has yet to be confirmed, we have planned out a route that is both scenic and challenging while still being doable for out smallest single speed motorcycles. On Saturday, 10 September, 2016 100 riders will depart Atlantic City, New Jersey and travel 3400 miles across America to end up in San Diego, California on Monday 26, September. Sixteen days in the road with one day off. Most of the route will be on tow-lane back roads with less than 100 miles on interstate highways. An ambitious ride to say the least, averaging around 300 miles per day this will be a true endurance run.

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