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Who is the AMCA & Empire Chapter

The Antique Motorcycle Club of AMerica was founded in 1954 by a group of antique-bike fans in New England area (pictured from left are T.A. Hodgdon, Emmet Moore, Henry Wing Sr. and Henry WIng Jr.).


In the decades since, the AMCA has grown to become one of the largest organizations of antique-motorcycle enthusiasts in the world, with 11,000 members in the United States and more than a dozen other countries.

In a world if ever evolving and more complex things, the AMCA and the Empire Chapter are here to recognize the more simplified times and elegance through motorcycles 35 years and older. From the beginning, the purpose of the Club and Chapter has been the "preservation, restoration and operation of old-time motorcycles." No matter te style, condition, make, model or size, we appreciate all that antique motorcycles have to offer and are looking to be an outlet that offers activities, knowledge sharing and camaraderie for all that have this same passion and love in common all throughout New York State. Our members may own, restore, preserve, study and or just admire motorcycles that fall into the antique category. Ownership of an antique motorcycle is not required to become a member.  

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Chapter Information
Year Affiliated 1974
Number of Registered Members: 200

Board Members



Vice President:

  • Bruce Prashaw


  • Joan Decosa


  • Bill Lane

Chief Judge;

Membership Chairman:

Social Secretary:

Honorary Members

Charlie & Martha Darling

Curt & Dot Bunce

Al & Nancy Strobel

Charlie Harshbarger

Dick & Sue White

Frank Westfall

Dave Terpstra (deceased)

Rose Harshbarger (deceased)

Don Cole (deceased)

Lou & Pauline Lichva (deceased)

Duane Powers (deceased)

Ed Higgins (deceased)